Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bird, birds, everywhere…

Little Buddy called yesterday morning and asked to come spend the day at Nana’s house.  There were other things on my to-do list, but none as fun or as important as him.  He joined me on my walk around my neighborhood, which ended up to be more for pleasure than for exercise.  We looked for birds …
The neighbor two blocks south of my house, offered us to access the ravine down to the creek via his back yard which was a pleasant surprise…
We saw ducks splashing and playing in the creek…
On the way back up, we accidently took a different path through a different back yard and look what they keep back there…
When we got back to my house, a surprise delivery was waiting by my door…
my painting of a bird that I won in a giveaway from

I love it!  It has one of my favorite Bible verses on it too…about how God cares for the birds, and yet we are much more valuable to Him then they are.
Ever notice how God likes to get His point across???
In His care,
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  1. Love it!! BEAUTIFUL!! And what a fun surprise to find the chickens!!

  2. Love your pictures and your special time with your handsome little grandson. He's sweet.


  3. I LOVE BIRDS, and my favorites are the robins! Right now we have a mama cardinal and her nest of two eggs right outside our living room window...I try to keep in mind how little I would have appreciated someone capturing me hatching my two kids on film, but I can't help it...I'M JUST SO EXCITED...I'm thinking my followers are gonna drop like flies the day I post 157 mama cardinal pics. Maybe I'll edit them down...but just a little;)

  4. You're going to be hearing from me more than you ever dreamed possible! I had a change of plans for my day - thank you, Lord! I'm spending a bit of time browsing and reading your blog and I find that you and I have so much in common. Your sweet little grandson is so cute. Aren't they a precious gift from God? I need to slow my pace and spend more time with my seven grandkids before they are all grown up right before my eyes! Love walking through God's world with them.


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