Monday, March 8, 2010

Surrounded with beautiful blessings...

holy experience

Offspring of a fanciful father and a down to earth practical mother, I am a paradoxical combination of the two. I want the security of the practical and necessary things in life to be taken care of, but I hunger for the fanciful and the beautiful as well.

One of my favorite hiding places as a child was underneath the yellow flowering branches of the forsythia that grew between our house and the neighbor lady's.  One of my favorite imaginary games was that my wee little dolls were real, live, little people that lived in the bottom drawer of my dresser, like the Borrowers in the books I read from the library. 

The older me now realizes that my imaginary games, my hunger for beautiful places and things, was a way to escape and to comfort myself in the midst of ugly situations going on around me. 

Every once in a while, I feel like that little girl that needs a beautiful respite from life's challenges.  God is my Beautiful Refuge now, and for my pleasure and enjoyment He surrounds me with beauty and blessing, right here in my real life.

Counting His gifts...
#s 294-301
...a blessed peaceful study time
...the beautiful, life-giving Word of God
...the movie Evan Almighty and the truths sprinkled in it,
(God does what He does because He loves us,
God expects obedience,
what God asks us to do He provides for,
 God isn't afraid for us to look foolish in the world's eyes,
God dances!)
...our first week of new Bible study series went great!
...great big hugs from my grandbabies when they got back from a weeks vacation in South Carolina
...a kind and helpful membership services worker at the doctor's office when I had an insurance snafu
...lunch with the grandbabies and the joy of snuggling with my sleepy grandson
...BEAUTY all around me

Credit goes to my son in law who took this beautiful photo of baby granddaughter.
Oh those big, beautiful,  blue eyes! Just had to share this with you!

Pink lined street across the road from my front door...

I felt especially blessed to capture him on camera...

May beautiful blessings be yours today,


  1. What a beautiful post! These pictures are amazing! Have a great Monday!


  2. What beautiful pictures of Spring! And the bird is such a lovely reminder of God's goodness in His creation.


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