Monday, December 28, 2009

My favorite gifts...

holy experience

The wrappings and ribbons covered the living room floor,
but my favorite gifts this Christmas season didn't come from the store!

Thank you God for...

181) A lazy Sunday afternoon with hubby following our wonderful Christmas service at church

182) A walk that "cleared the air" between God and I

183) Jeremiah 29:11 Thank God that His plans for us are good...we have a future and hope!

184) Precious " Mary" time with Jesus...finally

185) Our Christmas surprise from our children...portrait of them and our grandchildren and "treasure boxes" filled with slips of paper on which they have written thanks and memories

186) Middle eastern food with dear friends on the eve of Christmas Eve, and brunch with dear friends on Christmas Eve morn

187) Early Christmas morning...a fire in the fireplace and coffee with hubby and youngest daughter, before the rest of the family arrives

188) Grandson sharing his mp3 with great grandma

189) Togetherness...Grandaughter reading her new books with her mom, son in law putting Knex together with grandson, Auntie painting with niece, Papa throwing the football with grandson, daughter and friend helping with dishes

190) A Christmas evening walk in the neighborhood to look at the lights

191) Handmade gifts from 6 year old grandaughter, (an apron...she can actually use a sewing machine with supervision!), and five year old grandson, (a wooden heart shaped peg with "Nana" painted on it, to hang my apron on)

192) A blessing, written each year by my husband, who then reads it over our daughters (and their husbands and children) every Christmas

193) My girls, my sons in law, my grandbabies, (especially our long awaited miracle grandaughter on this, her first Christmas).  What an overwhelming privilege to be a parent and grandparent...and thank God for His grace that they all love and serve Jesus!

194) Laying in bed with youngest daughter watching T.V. and talking, after all the rest of the family went home


  1. Wonderful list, especially loved this one:#182) A walk that "cleared the air" between God and I. Thank you fpr sharing!! Be Blessed, Angie in GA

  2. Great pictures! Everyone looks so happy to be together!


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