Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home-It's a beautiful thing...

In just a handful of hours we will be on the plane heading home. Home is a great word, a beautiful thing. For those of you whose house could be featured in the Street of Dreams, or Better Homes and Gardens magazine, you may beg to differ with me about the house I call home. It's not large, it's not fancy, but it's ours, our home.

The house that I sometimes design in my imagination is much bigger, especially the kitchen. It also has a much bigger dining/living area. For someone who loves to cook and have people over that is something I have been known to covet. But I refuse to be ungrateful, and do nothing while I waste my life with "if only I had..." thinking. So I still have big holiday gatherings, parties, get- togethers, family dinners in this small house we call home.

Sometimes in the unbalanced prosperity theology of the American church, I think we forget that "nothing in this life could ever truly satisfy the desires of your heart" as Justin Rizzo sings. And it's God's mercy that it doesn't. If a person, or thing, could fully satisfy you or meet all of your needs, then that thing/person would be god to you.

Today, we're going home and in spite of it's imperfections, it's a beautiful thing.

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