Thursday, April 9, 2015

Friday Favs...Lilacs

In the world of home decor blogs, I marvel at those bloggers who always have some big project going,
 who are constantly rearranging and DIYing.
I'm sure that many of them have the money to do so 
because of the income they earn from their highly successful blogs.
Many times they receive the products they use in their projects as a way to promote them.
I also realize that this is their job, their blog is their income source, 
and the hours they spend on house projects and writing about and photographing their projects is their labor.
Part of me thinks this would be heaven on earth, 
but the other part of me is exhausted just thinking about all of the work involved.
After all, I'm the woman who has been procrastinating repainting her kitchen cabinets
 for months and months and months.

For the rest of us who love home decor, 
there comes a time when the calendar is full and the money is allocated elsewhere, 
and/or we're just too tired or too lazy to do any big projects.
I'm all of the above.
So my focus, until after our daughter's wedding in May, 
is to just try to keep my house relatively clean.
You notice I said relatively.
These photos bear witness that the outside of our windows need washed.
However, it would be a futile effort, since for over a month we've had a bird that goes from window to window in our house, flailing himself against the glass and getting them all dirty and marked up.
He starts before sunrise and continues throughout the day until sunset.
It's bizaare and creepy.
We've nicknamed him "devil bird".

The Nester's advice at times like these, when things aren't perfect, 
is to draw your eyes away from the imperfection toward something else. 
Perhaps if you come over to my home, these lovely lilacs will draw your eyes away
 from my dirty windows and my paint chipped cabinets.
I hope so!

It's almost Friday, friends!
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Friday
a safe and BLESSED weekend!


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  1. No worries! You have your priorities just right, focusing on your daughter and her wedding. Your home always seems so cozy and welcoming, as does your blog. I enjoy reading every post! I enjoy following many blogs, but sometimes all the pop-ups and ads get in the way of reading them. I know those things mean $$ for their blog, but there is always something restful about reading yours. I love the beauty of the images and the word you portray in yours. I didn't even notice the windows until you pointed it out! Mine haven't been washed in a year! :)

    1. Cindy, it would be nice to get some income from all my hours of blogging, but I don't like many of the things you mentioned, too. I would need God to give me the go ahead before going that direction.

  2. Your lilacs are beautiful! I just want to inhale their scent. :)

    1. Thank you, Lynda! I hope you are doing well.

  3. and I love love Lilacs-- quite a bit to wait for them here- so enjoyed yours today- thanks

    1. Constance, I love lilacs, too. Their season is all too short in my opinion.

  4. Love your lilacs, love your post... You are not alone!

  5. Your lilacs look so pretty...I love them and their beautiful smell!! Love the whole display on your window sill.

  6. Friends never notice dirty windows. Years ago, I was having some moms over for a play group with the kids. First time with a new school group. I was scurrying around way past midnight doing "just one more thing". Even as I laid my head on the pillow I thought, "Oh!! I didn't clean the kitchen window!!!" So, out I went, in my nightgown at 1:30 am. Sure enough the police were just driving down the street, caught me and thought I was trying to break into the house. Well, as I was explaining that I lived there, I realized I was locked out!!! I had to ring the doorbell and wake up my husband to which he said to the police, "I don't know her!! lock her up.....hahaha!!!" ......but here is the real kicker....the next day, one of the mom's didn't feel well, she asked if it was okay for her husband to drop off her child for the play group. I insisted that would be great!!! Yes!!!! who do you think the dad was???? Mr. Police Man!!!! When I saw him at the door he said, "I think we've met before!!" As I turned 50 shades of red!!!! he added, "Your windows look fantastic!!!"....I learned my lesson!!!
    Lilacs are the focus here. I love their heavenly scent and your beautiful photos of them.

    1. Addie, this is hands down the absolutely best comment I have ever had since I started my blog six years ago. You MUST write this up and share it, so funny and such a good lesson, too!

  7. Every time I visit here, I am blessed by your words and your tranquil photos. These lovely lilacs, and the simplicity of your pictures, are beautiful.

    Have a wonder-full (and restful) weekend!


    1. Sharon, you bless me by your encouragment!

  8. I once heard a home decorator on TV say if someone comments on the fact that you painter 'over' the wallpaper instead of removing it, they're not really your friend. It's the same with windows and cabinets. I'm in the same boat as you - cabinets that are long overdue for repainting. And dirty windows. But I have no family wedding in the future. Just life. That's enough between friends, my friend! Time for me to go outside (in the rain) and cut some lilacs for my table.

    1. Adrienne, if I was rich I'd rather replace the cabinets than have to paint them!

  9. Hello, I love your pretty lilacs & refreshing post! Blessings, Cecilia

  10. So beautiful! I bet they smell amazing too.

    1. Yes, they do. Unfortunately, they don't last long.


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